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Want to know more about AI and the impact for organizations, jobs and society? At we have an extensive network of professionals to help you in educating teams or clients through power sessions or at live events and webinars.

AI Experts, AI Trainers, AI Speakers

The future is AI

Research from prestigious universities and major consultancy firms all agree that AI will have a massive impact on every organization and every job in the next decade to come. To make sure yourself, your team and your clients are future-proof and ready for the economy of tomorrow, it is vital to update your knowledge and skills today about the possibilities and pitfalls of AI.

Tailor made solutions

Expert session

Looking for an expert on data science, AI, machine learning, deep learning or related technologies for your research, paper, article, podcast, radio show or broadcast? We find the right person for the job.

In-company training

Want to update the knowledge and skills of your team members or multiple teams within your organization? Please reach out for power sessions to get everyone up to speed about the possibilities and pitfalls when working with AI.

Event or webinar

Want to inspire people about future technologies and the impact of AI during events, webinars, conferences and webcasts? We provide the right keynote speakers for your audience.

Round tables

Innovations with AI Technology are moving fast. Want to discuss the impact together with multiple experts to get a broader perspective on where to invest in as a company? We organize round table sessions with board members and experts to accomplish just that.

We love to work with you on developing the right skill sets for the economy of tomorrow.


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Want to know more about AI and what the technology can do for your organization, your staff or your clients? We have an extensive network of experts, trainers and public speakers. Please reach out through email or by phone.

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The pace of progress in AI is incredibly fast. You have no idea how fast.

My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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