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Team Cape AI in Capetown

How Cape AI helps companies harness the power of AI with talented professionals based in South Africa

Finding the right AI talent can be difficult - the right skills are hard to come by and are often very expensive. Dutch entrepreneur Pieter Boon found a solution to…

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Curiosity Ventures AI Fund by Herman Kienhuis

Amsterdam’s Curiosity announces new AI fund; invests 800k in Dutch explainable AI startup Deeploy

AI startups saw funding bonanza in 2021 with venture capital firms pouring as much as €26B, according to

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AI Startup Landscape Europe

The European AI landscape grows; the Netherlands and Norway now part of the European AI initiative

European AI Startup Landscape is growing with the joining of the Netherlands and Norway. The Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC) had announced in November last year that it will join the…

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AI Marketing and sales

12 AI tools to boost sales and productivity for marketing professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI) was supposed to revolutionise industries but it has touched none in a way that it has redefined sales and marketing. The AI tools are omnipresent in sales…

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AI Jobs

10 most in-demand AI jobs right now and their average salaries

As artificial intelligence continues to advance at a rapid pace and organisations adopt AI technologies, there is an increased demand for AI professionals. While the pandemic devastated major economies and…

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Ochama robot store

Chinese e-commerce giant launches robotic shops “ochama” in the Netherlands

Automation has seen a major adoption in the retail industry since the start of the pandemic. With labour growing scarcer and pricier, retailers have shifted their attention to cashier-less checkout…

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Startup Worksuite rebrands as InQuommon

Dutch startup Worksuite rebrands to InQommon; it’s matchmaking algorithm takes lessons from Amazon and Tinder

Worksuite, the Dutch startup known for connecting IT professionals, has rebranded itself to InQommon. The new name is a clever representation of the startup's mission to connect professionals in the…

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Drone from the TU Delft to detect gas leaks

These mini-drones from the TU Delft help detect gas leaks using insect-inspired algorithms

Drones have become extremely useful for disaster management. They reduce the time required to locate victims and the time required for subsequent intervention by searching a large area within a…

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Check out the coolest AI tech showcased at CES 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great potential to modify, change and enhance products and business models. Unlike a few years back, AI today is pervasive across industries including education, agriculture,…

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How pioneering deep learning is reducing Amazon’s packaging waste

Here’s how AI is helping Amazon become more sustainable

Have you ever received a small item from Amazon in a huge box? Well, you are not alone. Amazon customers have been scratching their heads on why a pack of…

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