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10 most in-demand AI jobs right now and their average salaries

As artificial intelligence continues to advance at a rapid pace and organisations adopt AI technologies, there is an increased demand for AI professionals. While the pandemic devastated major economies and led to record job losses, AI professionals continue to remain in high demand. The hiring growth in artificial intelligence, according to LinkedIn, is increasing by 32 per cent since 2019.

Major tech companies as well as major economies are fighting to attract the best AI talent. The number of job postings with AI or machine learning in the title has doubled year-over-year. The data available from hiring platform Indeed shows there is a pent up demand for machine learning engineers, data scientists, algorithm engineers, computer vision engineers and some of these roles offered a median yearly salary of $95,000 in the US.

Indeed also shows that employers are looking for workers with specific skills such as analysis skills, experience with software development, experience with programs like JavaScript and Python. If you have got these skills then these are the 10 most in-demand AI jobs right now, along with their median yearly salary in Europe.

1. Principal Software Engineer

Median yearly salary in Europe: €89,102

A principal software engineer is a management and technical professional who develops and tests software to help a company achieve its goals. While overseeing the technical aspects of computer software projects, the principal software engineer will also work to develop teams responsible for such projects. They will be found designing, coding, fixing and debugging software. They are also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the performance of existing software.

2. Director of Analytics 

Median yearly salary in Europe: €135,592

A director of analytics leads the analytics department and oversees the activities of the junior department and personnel. They are also responsible for data warehousing departments and their tasks are directly aligned with business objectives. The director of analytics is responsible for developing and integrating data analytics and business intelligence for supporting the business.

3. Principal Scientist

Median yearly salary in Europe: €99,639

A principal scientist acts as a technical consultant to product managers from different departments. The role is responsible for creating high-impact data science projects. While this role requires technical skills for project development, the role also requires leadership skills to effectively communicate the goal. A principal scientist is expected to have a good eye for detail and be empathetic in their approach.

4. Software Architect

Median yearly salary in Europe: €80,956

A software architect identifies structured software solutions to help the company meet its technological needs. They are responsible for determining the technologies and processes used by the software developer or computer programmer. A software architect is required to understand the software requirement and design software architecture. They are also required to create a plan to improve the existing software and conduct client meetings to understand their business goals.

5. Computer Vision Engineer 

Median yearly salary in Europe: €67,000 

A computer vision engineer collects data to advance the ability of computers to solve problems by making sense of images. They are often responsible for conducting research to identify areas in which computers can be used to process data visually. A computer vision engineer will also use machine learning and image recognition protocols to create advanced systems for their clients.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

Median yearly salary in Europe: €62,800

Machine learning engineers are among the most important players in the artificial intelligence industry. They collaborate with data scientists, computer engineers and developers to create programs that allow machines to function without direct human assistance. The machine learning engineer will create models that ensure ML programs work according to business requirements. The role requires proficiency in data science, statistics and software engineering.

7. Data Engineer

Median yearly salary in Europe: €62,041

A data engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining analytics infrastructure. They build, maintain, and operate databases and large-scale processing systems. A data engineer will use data to help a machine perform its duties. While a data scientist asks the right questions, a data engineer helps gather answers to those questions. They are also responsible for storing and processing them.

8. Data Scientist

Median yearly salary in Europe: €65,000

Data scientist role has emerged as a hot ticket in the tech industry where the professionals are responsible for interpreting large amounts of raw data. A data scientist plays an invaluable role in commerce, government, technical and scientific services. They often work in teams with other technology professionals. A data scientist qualifies to become a senior data scientist as they gain more experience.

9. Algorithm Engineer

Median yearly salary in Europe: €72,634

An algorithm engineer is responsible for the design and integration of algorithms. The role focuses on designing, analysing, implementing and optimising existing algorithms. An algorithm engineer is required to hold a Master’s degree or PhD in computer science or related fields. They are also required to be fluent in programming languages like C++ and Java.

10. Software Developer

Median yearly salary in Europe: €35,531

A software developer is a creative genius behind most computer programs. This role requires identifying the core functionality required by users from a software program. In addition to developing software that users need, they are also required to look at other functions such as security, privacy and performance needs. A software developer or engineer will design the program and instruct programmers to write computer code and test it.

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