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AI HR Startups in The Netherlands

10 Dutch startups redefining HR and recruitment using AI

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting a large number of industries. While we have seen automation in customer service and robotics in factories, HR and recruitment is another industry where AI has been making crossroads and creating significant impact. There are startups on the scene now who are building products that redefine conventional HR and recruitment processes.

Gone are the days when recruiters spent hours scrolling through job platforms to find good candidates. Most of that work has been automated thanks to AI and there are now even better algorithms to find candidates that do not match the skills but will thrive at a particular role. Let’s take a look at 11 startups that are redefining HR and recruitment, and creating the future of the office with their suite of AI products.


BrainsFirst is one of the many interesting startups trying to upend the current cumbersome process of hiring. The startup has developed a talent management platform that is not only good at detecting candidates but also capable of developing those candidates and ensuring they are retained to become winners within an organisation. This talent management platform, according to BrainsFirst, is a result of six years of neuroscientific research.

In order to manage talent, the startup is using today’s tool as a biological building block of human performance. As an AI tool, it is predictive and offers insights into whether a talent will flourish. It offers simplified metrics and is also inclusive. Where it really shines is the ability to cut through the noise and prejudices to paint a clear picture.

Talent sourcing should not be a chore and automates the whole process of talent sourcing and B2B prospects using artificial intelligence. For recruiters, it all starts with an automated client research tool that lets you discover more opportunities in any target market. There is also AI talent sourcing which automates candidate sourcing with’s tool identifying top talent and matching them with your vacancies.

It finds under-the-radar vacancies, runs AI screening and has a vast CV database as well as B2B database. It also shines with simplicity. All you need to do is select your search criteria, receive matching candidates and clients, and grow your placement rates. The ability of to build the database, refine it with new search queries and then make the tool even more effective, makes it one of our “100 promising Dutch AI startups”.


Equalture, as the name cleverly implies, is all about eliminating bias from hiring. Equalture is also one that is powered by a radical idea of gamifying the recruitment process. This radical recruitment process allows for a cognitive flexibility not seen with other tools. In order to understand your hiring needs, Equalture objectively analyses your team where the current team competes on a set of games. These games result in science-backed insights into the team’s strengths and skill gaps.

In order to collect the right candidate insights, Equalture translates your team insights into testing profiles where companies get to pick which games to include for a job opening. For an objective first impression, the games are introduced to candidates as early as possible in the hiring process. Based on the performance, candidates are benchmarked against hiring criteria.

This whole process is driven by data and scientific facts even though it sounds like a fun affair. The resulting data charts the cognitive flexibility of a candidate and offers insights into their characteristics allowing recruiters to understand whether a person will be able to adapt to a new environment. Technically, Equalture is unlike anything else out there and probably why it stands out as an AI tool for recruitment.


Neurolytics is a SaaS startup that offers a solution harnessing the power of AI and scientific video technology. While most recruiters start by preselecting candidates based on their skills or certification, Neurolytics takes a different approach by preselecting job applicants on cultural value. It is possible thanks to its SaaS solution that provides insight into a candidate’s behavioural qualities. This allows companies to hire “people that fit and add to their teams and company culture.”

Here is how it works. The first step is to invite a candidate and then make the candidate take an interactive scan in as little as 10 minutes. These video scans showcase company values and culture, and result in an easy to understand dashboard that can benchmark candidates based on the team and organisational culture. While companies can find candidates, Neurolytics aims to help organisations find candidates that will stay and in process bring the cost of recruiting down.


Robin is another interesting startup trying to do away with the manual task of searching and screening. It has built an AI tool that will do the screening and searching and uses data from platforms such as LinkedIn, Monsterboard, Indeed and many others to find you the right candidate. It is capable of finding Matching Available Candidates you can Contact (MACCs) and shows the best matches first.

The platform can also be integrated with Applicant Tracking System to see if you already know the MACCs found by Robin. It also offers proactive support and answers questions related to the MACCs. Imagine the platform as customer support but for finding the right candidates. Since most of the system is automated, Robin is extensively using AI to do away with traditional human hours.


Seedlink is built on the idea of going beyond the resume. While recruiters can find whether a candidate is capable, it is not always easy to predict whether they will drive business success. That’s where Seedlink comes in. It offers insights into what a great candidate will look like for your organisation and then allows you to compare the benchmark with your team and candidates to reach your own conclusion.

It does this using scientific research such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to analyse natural language for traits and competencies linked to success. Seedlink invites candidates to answer open questions using their natural language. Imagine this to be similar to chatting with your friend. This allows Seedlink to create multiple data points and match that with hidden traits that can be learned from resumes. The result is a conclusion on whether a candidate will drive success within the team.


SmartEagle is making the future of the office understandable with data and sensors. It starts with a SmartEagle that uses object recognition to paint a picture of the occupancy of the rooms and the availability of workplaces. This data is then fed to a SaaS solution via a secure API to get real-time insight into available workplaces, the number of people in the room and even the distance between them.

It also tells you how many people go through a door or open the door. This is really useful to understand how office space is used and will help companies better plan their workplace. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the hybrid work culture is going to become common and thus use of space efficiently is a must. With SmartEagle sensors, this is not only possible but can be tailored thanks to the data and the dashboard. offers a tool to analyse your workforce and help you match them on personality, culture and other character traits. It works simply with the help of an app where candidates or participants are asked a bunch of questions that can be completed within 10-20 minutes. On the basis of those answers, uses OCEAN model to measure each individual on five parameters: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

These five models then become the basis of the characters of the candidates and allow recruiters to choose the candidate based on these parameters or even change their strategy. These tests are scientifically validated using Corporate Identity Model, Belbin team roles, Competing Values Framework and/or DISC.


TestGorilla is another startup that wants to help recruiters identify the best candidates and speed the hiring decisions. It does so with the help of AI tools that analyse a candidate using tests such as multi-measure tests, cognitive ability tests, reference checks and lastly looking at the job experience.

It does not stop there. When you look for a candidate, it recommends the relevant test for that candidate and allows you to analyse the candidate. Once this process is done, TestGorilla again uses the power of data, the building block of AI, to offer you a glance into the most relevant candidates based on these tests.


Worksuite is not necessarily about recruitment but it is definitely about connection. While the startups mentioned above help companies find the right candidates using different AI methods, Worksuite aims to help these candidates move forward. It helps people build meaningful conversations leading to social and business improvement.

Once you create a profile mentioning your background and interests, Worksuite uses its AI matching algorithm to create introductions to people you should meet. It does all of this in less than 10 minutes allowing you to meet new creative people and even meet them on a video call. Once you find a job, Worksuite can be a great tool to build a community of people who can help you grow in the industry and learn new things along the way.

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