Brand new ‘AI Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ to accelerate adoption in Europe: ‘AI lives, where the data is’

Digital Realty, Graphcore and G-Core join forces to provide better AI solutions. It’s the first European collaboration at this scale to accelerate the adoption of AI solutions in Europe, based in Amsterdam. “With this partnership, clients only have to worry about their own product.”

The partnership combines three important areas of expertise. Where Digital Realty, before Interxion, has a platform where datacenters come together, G-Core provides international cloud and edge solutions. “In partnership with Graphcore we developed an AI ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’”, says Dainis Lukasevics – Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnership at G-Core.

Lukasevics continues: “We look at how we can help you as a service provider.” The global cloud provider has more than 150 locations around the world. “We use a lot of Digital Realty facilities where we deploy our solutions.” In partnership with Graphcore they developed the AI Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Why the partnership?

“This collaboration is a benefit to all companies that work with us”, says Enrico de Boer of Digital Realty. “Clients only have to worry about their own product. We’ll take care of the digital infrastructure, cloud solutions and hosting solutions”, the sales and marketing director points out.

It is also unique on the European continent. “We are the first European cloud provider who deployed such solutions”, Lukasevics of G-Core emphasizes. And the technology is for a lot of companies to use. G-Core provides even small companies with the IT resources of a tech giant, enabling them to develop AI with less investment and minimal technical set-up, they claim.

The entrepreneurs are excited about the possibilities of data and AI. “In 2025, 85 percent of data will be created by enterprises. But data is not yet information. So, how can we make sure that data becomes information?” This partnership will mean a significant improvement to take that step, Enrico de Boer of Digital Realty explains. He says: “AI lives, where the data is. We are continuously developing our platform, with a global spread.”

Invest in AI solutions

The entrepreneurs think now is the time to invest in AI solutions. De Boer explains it in an extremely simple way. “If for example, you sell paint for boats. That boat has a GPS. If you combine the data of how fast the paint wears out, with the GPS, you can predict when you need new paint.”

Also Lukasevics points out why it’s important. “We see how AI revenue is growing. Our duty is to help you with your AI project.” As an example he tells about a call center. “With AI technology you can tell if a customer is interested. And if he’s not, the technology can advise you to adjust the next steps. For example; make a so-called ‘now or never-offer’. So you are not losing this customer.”

The examples show that numerous companies will benefit from the AI technology and from this partnership. “We have to move forward. Otherwise, in time it will be like 30 years ago, when you didn’t incorporate the computer”, Lukasevics agrees. He encourages entrepreneurs to take the plunge: “It’s time for the European companies to go global.”

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