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How Aigents is using AI to become a knowledge and career platform for data science community

In 2016, Microsoft overcame its Innovator Dilemma with the acquisition of LinkedIn. The platform, once known for being a hub for thought leaders to share their message, had evolved beyond its professional network image. It had essentially turned into the place where people searched for jobs and even found one. LinkedIn had taken its unique stature in the social media landscape and turned into a hiring platform, but with limitations. Now, imagine LinkedIn for a specialty industry and you will get Aigents.

There is a lot of activity happening around building connections and even finding a job on LinkedIn, but it can also seem like being lost in a maze. Aigents wants to solve this very pain point for the data science community and it could be the way forward.

What is Aigents?

Aigents is the largest career community for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and developers in Europe. Started in 2018, the community counts more than two million professionals in the computer science domain. It began its journey as a platform to connect the data science community but has outgrown itself to become a skill and career platform.

On its website, Aigents mentions that it has helped thousands of professionals to improve their skills, land their dream jobs, and even move their career forward. As a community platform, Aigents allows for computer science professionals to come together and engage with their fellow members.

It organises a number of meetups where data science professionals can meet others in real life. These meetups act as a medium to network, learn, and even collaborate on projects. It also has a massive LinkedIn group with a number of professionals from the data science community. These groups are a discovery tool for “technical publications, coding tutorials and other learning resources like quizzes, cheat sheets and interview Q&A’s.”

How does Aigents work?

Once a computer science professional signs up for the service, Aigents acts as a platform to find free learning resources for data scientists, ML engineers, and python developers. The internet is full of learning resources, including paid courses, tutorials, and blogs covering a vast amount of knowledge, but they are often placed behind ads or sign up barriers.

Aigents does the heavy lifting by looking for resources that are completely free or without ads or the need to register. “That’s because these resources are made by true coding and data fanatics who love what they do and who enjoy sharing their knowledge,” the platform notes on its website. Here are some of the key ways Aigents helps its users:

  • Handpicked learning resources: This is the most interesting way Aigents helps its users. It is difficult to find useful resources by scouring the internet and Aigents does this by collecting thousands of these resources under the “open access” learning resources. This includes “blog articles, tutorials, official user guides and even complete books which are available for free.” You might wonder how it is different from the larger internet. Well, Aigents has not only collected all the resources but has also built a database of those resources. Now, to further simplify the process, Aigents has also built a search engine. This whole process makes it an extremely useful source for getting the news and skilling further.
  • Discovery: When it comes to this discovery engine, all one needs to do is enter the keyword related to what you want to learn and it will provide the most relevant results, that are free and open-source. The users will get all the official tutorials from Python and many related frameworks, thousands of handpicked blogs and tutorials, and over 50 books from renowned authors.

Neural Search Technology

Aigents has built its search technology in collaboration with ZetaAlpha and it relies on both keyword-based and context-based search. The context-based search is powered by deep learning models called transformers.

The search function is further supported by the option to organise all your findings. You can bookmark your favourite resources, mark articles as complete, and even add study notes. There is even an option called find similar that will surface resources that are similar or complementary to the one you are reading.

Aigents has built its platform in such a way that learning doesn’t stop at just discovery or search. It also offers the option for its users to join a study group and experience a community solution. It is also preparing to add another feature called collections that will allow users to combine articles into public or private collections.

An opportunity to scale data science community

At the heart of Aigents is a mission to bring the data science community together. It achieves that by creating a platform that allows for computer science professionals to connect. It also is the platform where computer science professionals can share their knowledge.

Beyond that, Aigents also is a platform where the data science community, including data scientists and machine learning engineers, can come together to learn new skills. With its clever discovery engine and state of the art learning ecosystem, Aigents accomplishes the goal of helping professionals to knowledge data. Then to cap it all off, it becomes a platform where people can find their next job in the data science world.

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