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How Dutch AI startup InIn helps companies navigate big data and make fact-based decisions to improve efficiency and lower costs

In the AI Startup of the Week, the editorial staff of is featuring promising AI startups, their innovations, solutions and challenges. In this thirteenth episode, we are taking a look at InIn, a Dutch AI startup based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch helping companies make decisions with structured insights.

One of the challenges facing companies right now is making the most out of their in-house data. A recent survey showed that 80 per cent of the companies struggle with unifying their data assets globally. Sometimes referred to as data conundrum, there are few methods to solve this problem. One being building an in-house data science team and the other being outsourcing this effort to a data-centric company.

InIn is one of those startups trying to help companies solve their data conundrum. As an innovative data science consultancy company, the team of progressive data specialists at the company bring the human dimension to a data-driven environment. The existence of the company is rather simple. There are companies sitting on a data gold mine and data specialists at InIn help them make sense of it all.

InIn’s human-centric approach to making data work for you

It is generally observed that data is present in silo at organisations around the world. As a result, these companies first struggle with unifying their data and then struggle with making that data work for them. InIn solves this problem for organisations with its human-centric approach, which begins by data specialists at the Dutch company speaking to organisations first to understand their need.

Once the goal with data is established, the startup sets out a route that can be followed by the organisation to achieve data maturity and create insights necessary to grow the business. In essence, the data scientists at InIn help organisations realise the potential with data using business intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

“The data scientists of InIn use their specialism to bring the data task within organisations to a successful conclusion quickly and efficiently. On an operational level, they implement exactly what you need. With concrete knowledge, smart advice, an innovative approach and the right tools,” the startup explains on its website.

Once the vision formation is done, the team at InIn also helps organisations with strategy, helping them build a route necessary to transition from data strategy to data maturity. Once data potential is realised and strategy is in place, InIn helps its clients create tactics to reach the end goal of building a business with “perfect cash flows, fast deliveries, security and efficient business processes.”

InIn: a look at its product suite

The team of data scientists at InIn have worked on a number of big data projects to understand where the possibilities lie for an organisation and their specialism allows them to bring the data task within an organisation to a successful conclusion. To deliver an optimised data-driven working ecosystem, InIn has built a suite of data-driven products.

  • KPI: KPI is a dashboard offered by InIn that helps companies get a clear overview of all information about their business operations. The dashboard is designed to gather data from various sources and offer continuous insight into what is happening and help business leaders make decisions on factual real-time information.
  • Procurement dashboard: During COVID-19 pandemic, companies operating at different scales struggled to manage their inventories and purchasing goals. With its procurement dashboard, InIn is helping municipalities achieve their purchasing goal and ensure efficient deployment of care.
  • Care pathways: This product uses big data to deliver a positive impact on processes within an organisation. The company says municipalities have been using care pathways of InIn to gain more insight into the steps within care processes and trajectories. This leads to them being able to upscale or downscale their operation.
  • Workshop: While workshop may not seem like a product, InIn uses workshop to help companies and organisations get started with their data. Think of walking to a job fair and finding your dream job. At workshops, the data scientists of InIn help to see opportunities for working with data within your organisation.

InIn helps Smicon make fact-based business decisions

Smicon is a commercial organisation in the Netherlands and a global supplier of food recycling machines. As a sector-specific company, Smicon is constantly under pressure to deliver efficiency, supply, smart KPIs, and competitives. With InIn’s KPI product, Smicon gets the right information flow and logically programmed functionalities to steer its operations strategically based on the data and numbers.

InIn says each year, the Dutch big data startup works with Smicon to formulate the departmental and organisational goals. The use of KPI tools has allowed Smicon to look at control beyond the work floor with department managers now able to cash in on their valuable data.

Using targeted KPIs, InIn says it is possible for Smicon to continuously measure the effects and better manage its production and supply chain. Every company wants to stay ahead of the curve and with data specialists at InIn, Smicon is also able to stay ahead of the curve and it is mainly doing that by making fact-based choices.

InIn helps Municipality of Amersfoort get grip on data

In its collaboration with the municipality of Amersfoort, InIn says it realised that the department has everything in-house to get started on its information-driven business goal. However, the costs within the social domain occasionally increased higher than necessary and the data quality also not at the highest level.

With those challenges, InIn helped the municipality of Amersfoort (Department of Living Together, WMO / Youth Act) gain into the specific information needs within the organisation using its solutions for continuous monitoring of cash flows and improved data quality.

For the municipality of Amersfoort, InIn built a custom dashboard for smart monitoring that allows the department manager and the rest of the employees to make choices based on facts. With process mining, the municipality is able to make its care pathway more transparent while forecasted models are automated using machine learning.

By using InIn’s big data tools, the municipality of Amersfoort is able to reach decisions faster and manage processes on the basis of logically designed consultation structures and clear process monitoring. With optimised quarterly reports, the municipality is also able to anticipate and adjust and also see new opportunities to improve efficiency and lower costs.

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