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Lalaland and Exposar to foster innovation in model photography through AI

Exposar and Lalaland are joining hands to bring about a major breakthrough in model photography through AI. The Amsterdam based content scaleup Exposar announced that it is entering into an intensive cooperation with fashion tech startup Lalaland. Exposar is the Dutch market leader in online product and model content such as photography and video and with this collaboration, the company envisions to become the one-stop-shop for most content needs.

Lalaland, on the other hand, uses Artificial Intelligence to develop photorealistic human fashion models for e-commerce brands. The technology developed by Lalaland is already used by brands to display their collections on different models and helps brands bring diversity in terms of appearance to their customers. The collaboration between these two brands can be described as a match made in heaven since these two companies share a lot of synergies.

Exposar wants to be one-stop solution

Exposar is a key player in The Netherlands offering product and model photography. It helps more than 200 fashion brands and retailers including Hunkemöller, State of Art and Oger with video content and product texts. Having firmly established itself in this space, Exposar now wants to expand its services with an offering that has higher conversion and lower return percentage.

The content scaleup sees this strategic collaboration with Lalaland as the path to become a ‘one-stop shop’ solution for product detail page (PDP) needs. The company will use the latter’s virtual fashion model platform to become a specialist in the field of PDP that offers the best conversion rate in the market.

Diversity and Inclusivity

The fashion industry has long struggled to become diverse and inclusive but Lalaland wants to be the solution to this problem. It generates digital photo models in various skin colours, body shapes and ages with the help of artificial intelligence. The virtual fashion model platform is hailed as a powerful tool to improve e-commerce and the online shopping experience by bringing diversity, inclusivity, which translates into “maximum attention to individuality of each consumer.”

“Lalaland and Exposar share the vision that brands and retailers should capture their products in a high-quality manner. Consumers want to see models that match their own appearance. By collaborating with Lalaland, we can further unburden the customer and meet the increasing needs of the consumer,” says Norbert Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Exposar.

Great value for e-commerce brands

In a short time since its inception in 2019, Lalaland has proven to be a great value for e-commerce brands and retailers. The company says people with larger clothing sizes click through approximately 140 per cent on models with comparable body types. The turnover, according to the company, increases on average by about 10 per cent and the return percentage is reduced by 10 to 15 per cent with the use of photo models.

Lalaland helps companies improve their brand experience and lower cost with model photography. “Lalaland will increasingly focus on international expansion through a strong partner network of local service providers who are good at their profession and share our vision in the field of diversity and visual content production. This partnership guarantees our existing and new customers maximum support and strategic guidance. Lalaland is therefore very happy to work with an experienced partner such as Exposar in the Dutch market,” Harold Smeeman, CCO/COO of Lalaland says.

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