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SME Data Science Top 50 Report – Eindhoven-based crowned fastest riser ahead of Digital-Power and ElastIQ-Connect, an Eindhoven-based startup developing artificial intelligence solutions and engaging experiences to accelerate digital personalisation, has emerged as the fastest riser in SME Data Science Top 50. The award announced last week saw three successful companies compete for the glory, with winning followed by Digital-Power and ElastIQ-Connect.

The award was given as part of the release of the fourth edition of ‘Florijnz SME Data Science Top 50‘ report. Florijnz has been running this contest with the intent of accelerating the society to become more data-driven. The ranking of these companies were determined on the basis of growth in total assets and employees.

What is the SME Data Science Top 50?

The SME Data Science Top 50 is a report released by Florijnz Corporate Finance that looks at the performance of key players in the data science industry. The report is being released for the fourth time this year and has become a prestigious award for companies and startups in the field of data science trying to become a prominent player.

This year’s winners were announced at the Data Week last month and it provides insight into the 50 fastest-growing Dutch SME companies that provide data science consultancy and applications to other companies. Before the winners were determined, Florijnz Corporate Finance also conducted interviews with customers of data science companies to understand their success with data applications.

The event organised by Florijnz Corporate Finance, De Breed & Partners, the MKB Datalab, and the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, saw the ranking for 50 “fastest climbers in the data science industry” being revealed to the general public. Iwan Verrips, a Dutch presenter known for his programs on BNR, presented the event in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

SME Data Science Report: List of top 50 fastest climbers

  2. Digital-Power
  3. ElastIQ-Connect
  4. Samotics
  5. Stackstate
  6. The Data Agency
  7. Underlined
  8. Growteq
  9. Xomnia
  10. A-Insights
  11. Fizyr
  12. Robin Radar Systems
  13. Symson
  14. The Logic Factory
  15. Hyarchis
  16. Data Science Lab
  17. Sobolt
  18. Shintō Labs
  19. Euretos
  20. Gimix
  21. Victa
  22. MeMo
  23. ITAM Solutions
  24. Business Data Challengers
  25. Matrixian Group
  26. Data Excellence
  27. E-mergo
  28. EyeOn
  29. Yellow Star
  30. Icecat
  31. Pipple
  32. Jeffcommerce
  33. Cmotions
  34. Evident
  35. Hillstar Business Solutions
  36. Unit040 (Perspective Software)
  38. Building Blocks
  39. Hot iTem
  40. OBI4WAN
  41. Eclipse Group
  42. Crossyn Automotive
  43. Datavibes
  44. Infotopics
  45. Market Response
  46. Cabman (Euphoria Software)
  47. Synaxion
  48. Riviq
  49. Itility
  50. Crunches

SME Data Science Top 50 Report: How is the winner selected?

After the top 50 list was created by Florijnz Corporate Finance, the top three in that list were offered an opportunity to pitch their data science idea at the Data Week NL event. This stage saw, Digital-Power, and ElastIQ-Connect pitch their data science idea in front of the judges and the event attendees.

The eventual winner was selected by pooling results from a professional jury as well as the result pooled from the public. Half of the results were taken from a professional jury while the other half was taken from public polling to decide the final result and winner of the SME Data Science Top 50., according to Florijnz Corporate Finance, received the most public votes and that became the deciding factor in its victory. The key factors that played a role in deciding the winner were presentation, impact, innovativeness, and scalability. With taking the ultimate glory, Digital-Power came second and ElastIQ-Connect had to settle for third place.

The prize for the winner is an “exclusive dinner for the management team in the chapel of data university JADS.” The event also saw Mariam Halfhide, AI Strategist at GoDataDriven, speak about the European regulation of data science and AI. Halfhide also discussed how these regulations will be in practice for small and medium enterprises. what you need to know is a Dutch startup that uses data science, artificial intelligence, and 3D visualisation to achieve brand specific solutions. It was founded by Erik Van Breusegem, Maarten Elshove and Marco Van Herpen in 2019, and is currently focussed on digital personalisation. The startup is focussing on apparel and lifestyle brands and is building solutions for these companies with deep customer understanding to deliver meaningful interactions.

It has two software products – one is a machine learning product called STYLE PTTRNS and the second one is a design software called FLAIR PTTRNS. The STYLE PTTRNS is an eyewear recommender that helps customers find frames matching their face and personality. It uses AI trained by fashion stylists to match frame aesthetics to customer features like facial characteristics and style.

The FLAIR PTTRNS, on the other hand, is a 3D fashion design software that helps brands automate the generation of photorealistic visual assets for their marketing needs. The software essentially turns 3D digital fashion design and manufacturing assets into product packshots and commercial photoshoots of high quality. The whole process is meant to bring speed and scale to an otherwise old school process.

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