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Christophe Frère AI Expert

Christophe Frère is co-founder of procurement startup Mithra-Ai and partner of Bridgeflow. He has over 20 years expertise in technology enterprise sales and supported AI startups like Qopius, Aiir Innovations, Syntho and Reliasol.

Expertise: Procurement & Enterprise Sales

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mithra-AI Solutions
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Amsterdam-based AI startup Mithra-AI gets seed funding for procurement automation

Mithra-Ai Solutions B.V., a tech startup situated in Amsterdam, received a € 300,000 convertible loan from Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland.   Mithra-Ai develops SaaS software that enables procurement teams (with a large supply base) to get spend visibility 100x faster by capturing, cleansing and allocating transactional spend data to the right categories, even with limited data points available. […]

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