Remy Gieling AI Expert

Remy Gieling is the founder of As a business journalist his expertise is on the crossroads of business, technology and innovation. He is a well known moderator, presenter and interviewer for business events, seminars and podcasts as well as a public speaker on the topics of leadership and AI.

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
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Self driving car Zoox

AI Startup Landscape Germany

In collaboration with Endeit Capital, ARIC – Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg and Nova Venture Capital & Private Equity Club we have curated a landscape with highly promising startups and scaleups […]

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Self driving car Zoox

Welcome to the brand new

After a year of hard work in stealth mode, you are here to witness the very first steps of the brand new – a community for leaders and professionals […]

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My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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