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AI in Marketing

AI in marketing: Check out these 9 cool tools that help you write articles using AI

AI tools are not new in the world of media. Both film and gaming industries have used AI regularly and lately automated writing tools have gained popularity as well. With…

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The Netherlands joins the European AI Startup Landscape: Here’s how it will help Dutch AI startups

The Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC) is joining the European AI Startup Landscape, an initiative that aims to map the AI startup ecosystem of Europe. While the

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Google Pathways AI model

Meet Google Pathways, the next generation AI model capable of learning a variety of tasks

Google describes Pathways as a new way of thinking about AI, addressing some of the weaknesses of the existing systems but at the same harnessing its strengths.

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AI HR Startups in The Netherlands

10 Dutch startups redefining HR and recruitment using AI

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting a large number of industries. While we have seen automation in customer service and robotics in factories, HR and recruitment is another industry where AI has…

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Top AI stocks to watch in December 2021

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most disruptive technology of this century. The use of AI and its offshoots such as deep learning and machine learning have allowed computers to do…

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Here’s how The Ocean Cleanup uses big data to map the world’s most polluting rivers to protect the oceans

The world’s oceans constitute some of the most critical resources on the planet, which apart from sustaining life, also provide jobs, goods and services for billions of people around the…

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The Netherlands lags behind in AI and robotics adoption to communicate with customers according to report

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are still not fully used in the Netherlands to improve communication with customers. The country is even lagging behind its European counterparts when it comes…

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Hadrian announces €2.5M pre-seed round: Here’s how its autonomous proactive security solution works

Hadrian has raised a €2.5M pre-seed round to build the world's first autonomous offensive security solution. The London and Amsterdam based cybersecurity startup's pre-seed round was led by San Francisco-based…

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How the City of Amsterdam aims to measure accessibility using computer vision and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence is going to bring a sea change to society. While AI has a wide range of applications from detecting cancer to simplifying conversation between different language speakers, it…

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