Artificial Intelligence

4 key trends that dominate this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle for AI

At the Fall Pixel launch event this week, Google showed how it is envisioning the future of computing with artificial intelligence (AI). It first built its own mobile processor called…

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How improper use of AI by governments could put a strain on democracy

Intelligence (AI) is making breathtaking advances. Many believe that AI can assist in dealing with societal issues such as aging, climate change, food safety, and healthcare. Like every other sector,…

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Report: How AI is being used by the Dutch businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized our world. Machines that are capable of acquiring knowledge and taking part in decision-making processes, along with advances in data collection and aggregation, have produced…

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A look at EU’s proposed rules and regulations on AI

Like with digital privacy, the European Union is leading the worldwide effort when it comes to draft proposal of the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) in april of 2021 that…

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AI Leaders to Watch

14 AI leaders from the Netherlands to watch in 2021

In Europe, Dutch companies are early adopters of AI and are competitive when it comes to adopting new AI developments. This also makes the Netherlands one of the best places…

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