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Dutch AI startup Kepler Vision Technologies expands to Norway

Kepler Vision Technologies has partnered with Norwegian healthcare IT provider NESK. This is the first expansion for Kepler Vision Technologies outside its home market of the Netherlands.

Kepler Vision Technologies – a global leader in the development of vision-based human activity recognition software – today announced a partnership with Norwegian healthcare ICT provider NESK in which its computer vision software will ensure the well-being of elderly patients in care homes and hospitals in Norway.

Kepler Vision’s Night Nurse solution is a computer vision based body language detection system capable of detecting falls, patient discomfort and wandering and alerting nursing staff so they can respond immediately. By combining machine learning training and computer vision, KNN surpasses; motion sensors, bed mats and portable monitoring systems with the reduction of false alarms, greatly reducing the pressure on the nursing staff and freeing up time for more personalized care.

NESK is a healthcare IT provider that provides solutions to ensure the well-being of patients in care homes, hospitals, psychiatric institutions and residential homes. The solutions it offers are designed to limit the loss of autonomy, and to better coordinate and deliver professional care in all environments where it is needed. It provides a unique platform for all kinds of solutions that are essential for improving the lives of people in the elderly care, through solutions for; fall detection, remote assistance, remote medical monitoring, wireless patient signaling systems and panic alarms.

Dr Harro Stokman, CEO and Founder of Kepler Vision said: “NESK is the market leader in integrating healthcare technologies into an advanced healthcare system like Norway’s and is therefore the perfect partner to explain the benefits of Kepler Night Nurse solution – enabling making it much easier for healthcare facilities and medical facilities to take advantage of the benefits we provide in terms of patient care and staff workload.”

Andrè Larsen, CMO of NESK, added: “Kepler Night Nurse is an excellent addition to our suite of available care solutions. The ability to alert staff to a range of potential hazards – such as falling, getting in and out of bed, getting in and getting out of the bathroom, inactivity, etc. – means it has huge potential to reduce the workload of the staff and improve the lives of the people at risk.The fact that Kepler Night Nurse works regardless of the position of the bed, chairs, tables and other furniture makes it much easier to operate, and integrate into the established practices of a healthcare facility.We are very impressed with the potential of Kepler Vision to improve the lives of both patients and staff in healthcare environments looking forward to working closely with them to introduce the solution in multiple institutions in the future”

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