Call us at 030 227 21 68 or reach out at launches to improve guest experience with conversational AI, an Utrecht-based startup (founders are, Catawiki & EY), is excited to
announce the launch of its hospitality solution. Their goal is to improve the guest experience for
accommodations using conversational AI on popular communication apps like WhatsApp.
In the hectic world of hospitality, accommodations often struggle to provide the best possible guest
experience whilst managing routine tasks and administrative responsibilities. These tasks can take up
valuable time and resources that could be better spent on creating personalised and valuable
customer experiences.

That’s where comes in. By harnessing the power of AI, accommodations easily answer
frequently asked questions, promote upsells, process requests, and collect guest feedback. All of this
is done through the guests’ preferred communication apps and integrated directly into the existing
systems of the accommodation. This means that staff can focus on providing a better guest
experience, rather than getting stuck in administrative tasks. allows accommodations to automatically send personalised messages and offers to guests
at different phases of their journey. For example, accommodations can send a message before arrival
reminding guests of important information and offering additional services, use during the stay to promote in-stay offerings and manage FAQs, and send a follow-up message after the stay
thanking the guest and asking for a review. This creates a unified communication layer which allows
accommodations to tailor service levels and offerings to specific guest profiles in each phase of their

The team at is very excited to start this journey. “We are convinced that accommodations
can greatly improve the guest experience by leveraging the power of conversational AI,” said Tim
Otterspoor, co-founder & CEO. “Our solution makes it easy for accommodations to provide
personalised, efficient, and convenient customer service to their guests, and we are thrilled to bring
this innovative solution to the hospitality industry.”

The first pre-launch partners have been using it for some time now. “We are improving rapidly,
working closely with our first accommodations and integration partners to incorporate their feedback
and adding new features every day” said Michiel de Vor co-founder & CCO. 

One of these partners is WestCord Hotels, whose IT manager, Maurits Bots, said, “The technology
has proven itself to be of added value in order to enhance the guest experience and to reduce
operational workload. is a great addition to our operation and our technology.”

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