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Software company Klippa launches new label: DataNorth Consulting

Software company Klippa launches a new label that helps companies become successful with data and Artificial Intelligence (AI): DataNorth Consulting. The new label provides advice and support to organizations that want to maximize the potential value of their data.

“Many companies have data at their disposal: data about what they sold and when, how many complaints came in, how often systems failed and machines needed maintenance, and so on,” says Menno Fokkema, managing consultant at DataNorth. “Unfortunately, 81% of companies do not yet have a good strategy to actually use their data.”

Having gained years of experience with data and building AI software, Klippa knows what organizations are up against and how they can be more successful. The label DataNorth is now using this experience to help other companies move forward. Customers can use a combination of data-driven work and AI to improve their processes, products and services and gain new insights. A good example of such an improvement is predictive maintenance. Why should companies wait for expensive machines to break down when they can also do preventive maintenance based on insights from data they already have? 

Broad audience

DataNorth does not focus on one particular industry or company size. Location is also irrelevant, what matters is that customers have data that they would like to use to work smarter.

Fokkema: “Many organizations think AI is scary or expensive. Of course it’s an investment, but it’s better to invest in the future, than to come to the conclusion afterwards that companies that did are catching up with you left and right. And as for the fear people have: AI is already prevalent in everyday life. Think of the suggested series at Netflix, the virtual assistants at online shops or Tesla’s self-driving cars. More and more products are using AI; it’s not something that’s just for big multinationals anymore.” 

However, Fokkema warns that the deployment of AI is not always successful. “It is very important to get good guidance, because AI is not a tool that you can deploy blindly. According to a Gartner report, 85% of AI and machine learning projects fail because of a poorly thought-out design and a lack of professional guidance. Fortunately, Klippa has over seven years of experience building successful data-driven AI applications, so we know exactly where the pitfalls are.”

About Klippa

Founded in 2015 in Groningen, Klippa now employs more than 60 professionals, in Groningen, Amsterdam and Brasov, Romania. The scale-up aims to digitize and automate cumbersome document flows using modern AI technologies, such as machine learning and OCR. The tech company now serves more than a thousand customers in over 30 countries with various software products. These include software for improving administrative processes, scanning receipts and invoices, expense claim processing, identity validation and data extraction.

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