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Zeta Alpha Boosts GPT Reliability for Enterprise Search with its Powerful Semantic Neural Engine 

Zeta Alpha, the neural search and discovery platform, today announced the company has launched an integration with OpenAI’s GPT for its semantic neural search engine, resulting in significantly more reliable and explainable 

AI generated answers to enterprise search queries. This capability gives workers the unique ability to leverage the power of GPT to access knowledge hidden in troves of internal company data, an industry first. 

One of the top challenges with generative AI models like GPT is their tendency to ‘hallucinate,’ or give answers that seem plausible, but are not factually correct. This is a real barrier preventing organizations from adopting AI tools for enterprise search and knowledge management. The powerful combination of Zeta Alpha’s intelligent neural search engine and advances in GPT-3 reduce this problem by applying natural language understanding at scale. 

“So much time is wasted reading through documents to find pertinent information or glean broader insights about a given project or topic,” said Jakub Zavrel, founder and CEO, Zeta Alpha. “We could not wait to connect the latest GPT models to help our customers make sense of better neural search results faster. Our users have already experienced up to tenfold increases in productivity, and we’re just getting started.” 

Notable enhancements to Zeta Alpha’s search platform include: 

Breakthroughs in domain-specific search: Traditionally, enterprise search has been limited by a lack of training data. To mitigate this, Zeta Alpha offers InPars v2, a GPT-powered neural search model that enables fast tuning on synthetic in-domain data without the cost of creating terminology lists and taxonomies. InPars has obtained the best results world-wide on the well known BEIR benchmark for neural search engines. 

High Quality GPT-powered Question Answering: Rather than searching and reading through countless documents, Zeta Alpha enables users to simply ask a question and

get quick, contextually relevant results, automatically saving text to a spreadsheet or note for further analysis, and mapping back to the location where the document is saved for future access. 

Document Understanding: Having to distill very large collections of documents is a reality for many enterprise teams. Visualizing the information landscape in a semantic map and interpreting it with summaries by GPT can quickly guide knowledge workers in the right direction, and even help to answer important strategic questions. 

High quality search has been a bottleneck to knowledge management for years. But exciting developments in AI have led to better language understanding and generation at scale, giving computers the ability to put otherwise undiscoverable unstructured data to work. Zeta Alpha is using this to help enterprises make better decisions, avoid reinventing the wheel, and ultimately work smarter and faster to get things done. 

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