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ACMetric is a group of experts in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence who aim to 'supercharge your data' for maximum results.

Company Niche: Data Science,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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ACMetric is a group of world-class data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts who supercharge your data for maximum results. The company claims to make other organisations' data their #1 competitive advantage. ACMetric says it has seen too many companies failing to turn data into results and wants to help. Benefit from their battle-tested strategies to supercharge your data efforts. ACMetric's priority is business results. Their experience on hundreds of data science projects allows them to move quickly and show value promptly. ACmetric also provides Consultations in: - Data science & AI can help your business succeed - Setting up a world-class data science organisation - Implementing industry best practices for your organisation - Technical challenges: share expertise in statistics, machine learning & ML infrastructure"

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