Ai Applied

Ai Applied

Ai Applied makes machine smarter and is dealing with companies in energy, banking, insurance, telecommunications and hospitality industries since 2007.

Company Niche: Intelligence,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Ai Applied services are enabled by a combination of machine learning, self-learning and language detection. Their technical capabilities are in the fields of: 1) Machine learning & clustering Customised machine learning and clustering algorithms allow for combining different and entirely disparate data sources in order to provide accurate, explainable and monitorable prediction and decision capabilities. 2) External context Allows companies to link internal data with external context, such as news or public/social user profiles to uncover unexpected and useful connections. 3) Self-learning Low maintenance: self-learning, self-assessing, self-improving systems allow for trouble-free deployment in real scenarios. 4) Language detection What language are they writing in? Its API automatically distinguish between tens of most commonly used languages online. 5) Conversation topics What are they writing about? What are the most important topics in a conversation or text? The API automatically extract the most important topics for you, from any number of messages.

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