BrainCreators delivers digital inspectors that automate repetitive visual inspection tasks.

Company Niche: Industry,Smart cities,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Instead of cloning people, we clone digital employees. BrainCreators delivers Digital Inspectors that reduce cost and improve consistency at an unrivaled speed. Human inspectors can now train their digital counterparts on our award-winning AI-powered software. Once trained, Digital Inspectors perform their jobs as scalable cloud or on-edge solutions.


BrainCreators is powering the future of work to solve the growing scarcity of expert human resources with digital inspectors that automate visual inspection tasks.


Artificial Intelligence will relieve trained human experts from the repetitive tasks within their day-to-day jobs, allowing them to do more in less time while focusing on creative problem-solving.


Our business model is based on domain partnerships. We partner with companies that have specific expertise around inspection tasks within a large market. We transfer their knowledge and skillset to a digital inspector. This digital inspector is then released into that market as a turnkey SaaS solution under its own brand name. We leverage our partner’s ecosystems and reward them with a commission on the resale value.




Applied AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Automated Quality Control, Anomaly Detection, Automation, Industrial automation, intelligent automation, road inspection, infrastructure asset management, visual inspection, cloud computing, IoT, Manufacturing, Privacy, digital inspectors, Software as a Service, SaaS, and Edge

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