Braingineers is an emotion analytics company that uses neuroscience technology and deep learning to enhance business marketing.

Company Niche: Marketing & Sales,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Braingineers delivers actionable insights in real emotional experience and is used for website optimisation by its clients. The company's goal is to improve the customer experience of of its clients' digital journeys. It does that by researching and analysing their websites, apps and videos.

By using smart technology like eye-tracking, click|touch-tracking, neuroscience-tech (EEG) and AI, the company is able to dig deeper into users' brains to get a better understanding of their implicit, subconscious and emotional experiences. Braingineers invented the neuro-usability methodology, which is based on combining data and psychology, removing bias from CX research and enabling the detection of implicit behaviour. – Connect & Inspire wants to connect forward thinking leaders and inspire companies to adopt exciting technologies such as AI to build future proof organizations.

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