Brainial provides the most intelligent and trusted digital tender assistant to get better proposals faster.

Company Niche: Automation,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Brainial provides intelligent software to help organizations reduce the time, resources and money spent when responding to tenders, achieving higher quality, win rate and profitability. It analyzes tender documents in seconds instead of days. The company doesn't waste valuable time reading through a complete set of documents when you receive a public or private tender or RFP that you want to bid for. Instead uses the Tender Document Analyzer to automatically read, extract and present all the key elements and risks found in tender documents.

All requirements, risks & bid indicators are in one clear view. Organizing and managing all requirements and risks in a tender is a tedious and error-prone task. Missing a risk or making the wrong bid decision can have a serious impact on profitability. The company also helps write better proposals. The Tender Risk Analyzer identifies and ranks all requirements & risks, and matches each with your organization's capabilities and data from historical tenders. It also uses Smart Reading Assistant to swiftly read through all documents.

The Tender Bid Analyzer will estimate your chance of winning the tender and automatically generates the Bid / No Bid sheet to enable a data-driven decision. By using its Smart Search Assistant to find information fast. Apply smart filters and search through all your company’s tender data in seconds. Find the right information at any level in the current tender and historical tender documents. Easily find (related) documents, requirements, criteria, drawings, risks and previous answers. Compare look-a-like tenders or similar requirements and elements in historical tenders.

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