Captain AI

Captain AI

Captain AI is developing the world's first fully autonomous shipping solution.

Company Niche: Hardware,Robotics,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Captain AI is developing the world's first safe and fully autonomous shipping solution using simulation, sensors and deep learning techniques. It uses Nautis, a high-fidelity simulator from Vstep, to test and validate its code before testing it in the real world. This makes quick iterations possible while saving on emissions, fuel costs and other resources.

The company is building a pipeline for fully automatic data collection and labeling in order to create dependable predictions of the behaviour of vessels and other factors. It uses the latest AI models for object detection, image classification and instance segmentation to create comprehensive situational awareness.

Currently, Captain AI has access to three vessels in the port of Rotterdam: The RT Borkum, a tugboat from Kotug International, Watertaxi 14 from Watertaxi Rotterdam and the RPA3 a patrol vessel from the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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