Call us at 030 227 21 68 or reach out at is on a mission to perfect the science of conversation.

Company Niche: Chatbots,Customer Service,Voice,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: , Netherlands is on a mission to perfect the science of conversation. According to the company, better conversations result in happier customers, a better customer experience, higher revenues and satisfied employees. The world is moving towards data-driven decisions, automation and AI. Converz Analytics aims to use technology to empower people. The company helps any organisation's employees by putting them behind the wheel of their own development, supporting them with targeted insights, increasing the effect of coaching and making their daily work more challenging and more enjoyable. Converz says it helps brands in delivering customer experiences, increases sales conversion, and accelerates on-boarding with digital coaching and mentoring for contact center 0agents.

My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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