Decodata is a B2B data SaaS solution that allows a retailer to save more than 50% in terms of time and costs.

Company Niche: Retail & e-commerce,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amstelveen, Visit Website Visit LinkedIn

We help online furniture retailers to get their products online faster and easier by giving them access to structured product data. The structured product data can be imported in their shop or other system seamlessly without the hassle of processing unstructured supplier information and manual data entry with missed revenue and high costs as a result.


It is our mission to disrupt by creating structure in product data. Decodata wants to ensure all product specifications and visuals of interior products are reliable, enriched and easily available for the worldwide market.


In 2025 Decodata will be the worldwide digital hub for furniture brands and resellers to maximize their impact with reliable product data.




SaaS, Automation, Furniture, Lighting , and Technology

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