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DEUS empowers organisations to advance value creation with data and artificial intelligence. The teams in Amsterdam, Portugal and Spain combine expertise in data science, design, engineering and strategy to solve challenging problems elegantly, ethically and efficiently.

Company Niche: Automation,Data Science,Intelligence,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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With the DEUS initiative, we foresee the scale of the impact that artificial intelligence will create on all our futures. And we want to help design those futures. We believe that through data, engineering, user-experience and strategy, we are unlocking services that will transform the way we live.

Our mission can be summed up very simply: ‘aedificium auxilium’. We build the machines of assistance. We help to reduce waste, to increase health and safety, to remove inefficiencies. We assist in optimising time, increasing accuracy, minimizing carbon footprints. We use data, design and technology to leverage opportunities and solve problems elegantly, ethically and efficiently. All for the benefit of humans and humanity.

It is our responsibility to explore the frontier of AI to create new human(ity)-centered processes that make it easier and cheaper and better to do the right thing. We need to be diligently prepared and smarter to reduce wasted energy. We need to make products and services that adapt to work more effectively and last longer. We humans will design them. Data will power them. Technology will unlock them.

DEUS. Human(ity)-Centered AI

About DEUS

We partner with organisations across the end-to-end product & service lifecycle.

Our interdisciplinary teams of data scientists, engineers, designers and strategists help organisations across the end-to-end product & service lifecycle.

From starting with new artificial intelligence initiatives, to uncovering opportunities and launching pilot projects, we can help you create value for your business, people and society at scale.

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Artificial intelligence, AI, Machine learning, Service Design, innovation, data science, user experience, tech strategy, and digital product creation

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We empower organisations to advance value creation with data and artificial intelligence. Explore our highlighted case studies below and learn how we combine data science, engineering, user experience design and strategy when partnering with organisations.

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