An end-to-end solutions platform for companies who want to automate business processes with high-quality annotated data. Our services range from creating, classifying, cleaning-up and labeling of raw data sets.

Company Niche: Automation,Workflow,

Company Type: Ecosystem Partners,

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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We bring humanity to data by creating remote jobs of the future in Africa whilst providing thehighest-quality labeled data.

We deliver high quality

      • Quality datasets guaranteed
      • World-class cross validation worksflow
      • SA scores 6th on the global proficiency index

 We are personal and reliable

      • Dedicated Project Manager
      • Service oriented, mulitingual worksforce
      • Online, on premises or totally remote

 We are fast & secure

      • A quick turnaround to meet your deadlines
      • Humans-in-the-loop processes ensures quality
      • Data security certificates

We create jobs and make an impact

      • Creating remote tech jobs in Africa
      • Contributing to SDG 8 - Decent work for all
      • Grow next generation of data professionals

Year founded



Image annotation, video annotation, text classification, audio transcription, translation

Who is representing the company - AI expert profile

Esther Hoogstad



Experienced omnichannel entrepreneur and leader with a demonstrated history of delivering digital transformation projects in the AI, Tech, Sports and Retail industry. Setting up new propositions and growing teams from scratch. Strong business development skills. Master of Business Administration (MBA) English/Spanish from ESADE Business School and Rotterdam School of Mgt. How can technology aid inclusive innovations that benefit everybody in society?


Unit 18 Victoria Beach
15 Victoria Avenue
7806 Hout Bay
Cape Town
South Africa.

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