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Evidencio is an open platform for Medical Calculators and Prediction Models.

Company Niche: eHealth,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Overijssel, Netherlands

Evidencio is an open platform for Medical Calculators and Prediction Models. Publish, share, validate and use prediction models for precision medicine. The company believes that prediction models can complement human clinical decision-making and assist healthcare professionals in making patient-tailored evidence-based decisions.

Evidencio is on a mission to support the transition of these clinical prediction models from research into everyday medical practice. To reach this goal, the company is building a self-sustaining research community that provides a dynamic, high-quality, and transparent library filled with clinically relevant prediction models.

Prediction models can be applied in various settings, for example, to describe the likelihood of the presence or absence of a certain condition, assist in determining patient prognosis, and help classify patients for treatment.

The use of prediction models not only eliminates the distorting effect of subjectivity, but also sets the stage for true informed consent and shared decision-making. In addition, several clinical studies have shown that the use of prediction models leads to shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, cost savings, and a better allocation of scarce resources.

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