Intellerts specializes in applied data science and AI solutions, with subsidiaries in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Kaunas (Lithuania).

Company Niche: Intelligence,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,

Location: Utrecht, Visit Website Visit LinkedIn

Intellerts: House of Data Science. We develop data science solutions in the role of both architects (strategists) & builders (doers) in the areas of Data Management, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. We were created from the unification of a consulting firm and a university spin-off. Combining tech boldness and innovation with business acumen, applying pragmatism and corporate experience, we journeyed through a wide range of challenging business problems and found the incredible impact of combining tech and data. As we bonded over the years as a team, we are now gluing tech and data to find purposeful solutions for our clients.


We make it easier to apply data science.


Everyone is a data scientist.


Building lasting data-driven solutions by combining domain expertise, computer science, math, statistics and algorithms – in an ecosystem of technology and business partners




FinTech, Data-Driven Transformation, Data Science, Big Data Technology, Data Integration, Data Engineering, AccountTech, Cost Reductions, Process Mining, Sales & Marketing, Internal Auditing, Risk & Fraud Modelling, Data Management, BI, AI, Deep Learning, NLP, Digital Healthcare, Data Science Consultancy, and Data driven decision support

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