Linksight allows clients to create data-pushed insights from shared datasets without sharing sensitive data and preserving complete control of their own data.

Company Niche:

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Linksight provides a platform for privacy-proof decentralised data analysis by using cryptographic technology: secure multi-party computation (MPC). Parties can link their data to that of others so that they can perform analyses jointly. However, these analyses are performed while all data remains fully encrypted. In this way, none of the parties can view the sensitive data of others, but they can obtain the desired insights.

The governance module ensures that calculations can never be made that have not been agreed in advance between the parties. This gives users complete control over how and by whom their data is used. The platform works completely decentralised. Linksight provides the platform and helps with linking and formulating the right questions, but never has access to the data or the analysis results.

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