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Model Vantage

Model Vantage

Model Vantage is an AI-based deep-tech startup based out of Utrecht focused on improving the new physical product development process.

Company Niche: Automation,Intelligence,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

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We are developing a deep-tech AI-powered B2B SAAS software, that will help OEMs:

I. Reduce the product-development cycle by generating new designs for their products. Currently generating new designs is challenging since it relies heavily on the technical expertise of a domain expert, resulting in substantial time-to-market, insufficient product differentiation, and limited aesthetical novelty.

II. Complete a design with limited and/or partial information. Now, it is quite common that designers/engineers are stuck on a design for some time, and do not know how to proceed with that. Our software will give them different design suggestions to proceed from there to a target shape.

III. Create more innovative, novel, flexible, and sustainable designs. Now, changing a base design to a specific niche market is not easy. Similarly, producing designs that have a low carbon footprint when manufactured, is also difficult. Our software will give the designers suggestions to tailor the design to reduce carbon footprint, make necessary adjustments to fit the design for a target market, and so on.

We are different from legacy CAD providers, since we emphasize small and medium businesses, as opposed to heavy industrial complexes such as Airbus, Honda, and BMW. Furthermore, we focus on top-notch generative AI and its capabilities. Legacy CAD providers focus more on simulations and topology optimization. Furthermore, there is going to be a difference in price and unique features, e.g., carbon footprint reduction with our software.

We would be more than happy to jump on a call and showcase our work!

Headquarters location (city)

Utrecht Year founded

2023 Specialities

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Generative Artificial Intelligence, Generative Modeling, Machine Learning Contact name

JT Dutta Contact function at the organization

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