Moonshop makes it possible for people to own an autonomous store within one month through its platform.

Company Niche: Retail & e-commerce,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Moonshop helps people create an autonomous experience that is fast, reliable, simple, and accessible. It makes it possible for people to own an autonomous store within one month using the Moonshop platform. The company leverages edge computing AI cameras and a human-in-the-loop system to create "instantly usable, scalable autonomous tech, and create jobs in the process." The startup offers an integrated solution that includes hardware such as smart cameras, turnstiles, QR scanners, payment integration in the form of PayFast (SA), Payrexx (EU) and others. It also offers a mobile app on Android and iOS and an intelligent store management that uses smart analytics and machine learning to provide retail analytics dashboard and stock management. Moonshop has both native and white label options. The native option gives standard Moonshop branding and style, integration as a retailer into the existing apps, dedicated infrastructure, lower startup costs and wider reach. The white label option offers personalised branding and styling, dedicated mobile app listings, and hosting infrastructure.

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