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Nostics combines photonics, nanotechnology and AI classification with digital results, to provide the world with accessible diagnostics that fast, reliable and can be used at the point of need.

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Location: Delft, Netherlands

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Nostics, an innovative startup in medical diagnostics, developed a platform that allows rapid testing for viruses and bacteria. It attracted much attention this year at the well-known tech event CES 2022. We spoke with COO and co-founder Eva Rennen.

The methods we currently have for detecting diseases are often still very slow – and analogue. First, you have to go to your general practitioner (GP). Then to the hospital or a lab. Often, it takes quite some time to get the results. But it could be different, according to Rennen."We have developed a digital diagnostics platform that allows rapid testing. You can test on the spot, at a GP’s surgery, a small health clinic, or a testing facility. Or, in the future, even at home." This startup makes it possible to test for a whole range of diseases, bacteria and viruses. In an easy, quick and cheap way, anytime and anywhere.

High-tech testing

What is unique about Nostics technology is that it uses artificial intelligence, Raman spectroscopy and nanotechnology. This innovative combination makes it possible to develop highly sensitive tests. These can, for example, detect bacteria fast. The startup consists of a highly interdisciplinary team. "We are working on solving a big puzzle together," says Rennen.

She explains that there is a major problem throughout the world with bacterial resistance. "If we are too quick to prescribe general antibiotics, they eventually stop working as the bacteria get used to them. Diagnostics play a key role here. The better you know what pathogen you are dealing with, the better you can treat it."

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