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Notilyze was founded with the goal of making data analytics more accessible to all types of companies.

Company Niche: Analytics,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Notilyze is a data analytics business enterprise with the purpose to assist organisations to analyse and examining records so they get the solution as a way to assist them to emerge as a more successful and records-driven business.

Founders Colin Nugteren and Tom Dogger both have backgrounds in data analytics and extensive experience implementing analytics solutions within organizations. In 2017, they started notifying together with the goal of offering data analysis as a service in a monthly format.

To be able to provide this in a reliable and trustworthy way, Notyze has entered into a partnership with SAS. Combined with the deep knowledge of experts and their years of experience in delivering research to various organisations, Notilyze helps customers extract valuable insights and important insights from data and implement those improvements in this.

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