Pacmed envisions a world where each patient's experience advances the personalisation, accuracy, and practice-based nature of healthcare.

Company Niche: eHealth,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pacmed supports a healthcare system in which all patients receive individualised treatment and healthcare professionals continually and immediately learn from all clinical judgments.

In this healthcare system, decisions are made based on the expertise of physicians, supported by algorithms trained on large amounts of routine care data. This guarantees quality and availability of care, despite the increasing demand for care and staff shortages. Pacmed puts this into practice by developing and implementing continuous learning decision support.

The intelligence of this decision support is formed by medical expertise and machine learning. Based on large amounts of routine care data, it is continuously estimated which treatment or treatment has the greatest chance of achieving the desired outcomes for the next patient. At the time of decision-making, the company uses this knowledge to make predictions about the outcomes of the care provided.

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