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Researchable is a software and data partner for ambitious organisations that are committed to innovate through data and technology.

Company Niche: Intelligence,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,

Location: Groningen, Netherlands

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We’re Researchable. A software development and data company dedicated to helping organisations in building software applications with core analytical components like forecasting, machine learning, real-time intelligence, and statistical analyses.

Automation and data-driven products are a solution for many organisational and societal problems. However, many organisations struggle with building data-driven solutions. We believe that this is unnecessary. Our approach is human-centric and focused on true partnerships with clients while developing software and data-driven solutions. Our scientific background enables us to go the extra mile.

We’re a technical partner for organisations that have the ambition to innovate through data and data-intensive software applications. We work with organisations such as Vitens, UMCG, Leiden University, the Ministry of Defence, and the University of Twente. We take information security seriously and are ISO27001 certified.


We value human-centric technology and strive to contribute to society and organisations facing challenges through our expertise in valorisation, technology, and AI. Our mission is to make it possible for more data projects to succeed through our true partnership approach.


At Researchable we are convinced that AI and technology can solve today’s most pressing challenges.


Everything at Researchable is shaped around culture, sharing and transparency.

We believe that by taking good care of our people, they will also take good care of Researchable and our customers.

Our scientific background has taught us to share knowledge and experiences. If we cannot share, we cannot multiply. We value transparancy and aim to share as much knowledge as possible. We also encourage open-source.




application development, Big data consulting & implementation, Software consulting, Software development, Software development, Valorisation, Science, Scientific research, and Data science

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