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SlimmerAI is an AI B2B venture studio — who co-build and invest with innovative founders to disrupt how people work.

Company Niche: Fintech,Intelligence,

Company Type: Investors,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Slimmer AI is an AI B2B venture studio. We invest in and co-build B2B SaaS companies with inspiring founders who are using AI to disrupt the status quo. Our team of 30 engineers has deep experience building applied AI software leveraging NLP, time-series, and computer vision. To super-charge the startup phase, we combine this technical capability with our proven experience building and scaling B2B SaaS businesses.

We’re a tech company in love with building great things—tech, products, teams, and companies. From co-building an MVP to helping to secure launching customers, our unique ‘invested builder’ approach is the ultimate life-hack for entrepreneurs. Foundational support at the earliest stages enables founders to build a better product faster using the latest technologies, have a sounder business strategy, and form a killer team that will propel them throughout their journey.


Slimmer AI believes in the power of AI to power people’s work. By building software and companies that apply the latest AI technology, we free up people to do more fulfilling and impactful work or take better decisions.

Founder JC Heyeneke

JC leads Slimmer AI in its mission to use AI to transform how people work. JC is a passionate builder of applied AI software products, teams, and businesses. He developed his first AI software 25 years ago as a newly graduated electronics engineer in a research lab and has since built or supported high-growth tech businesses in Africa, the US, Europe, and Asia (including as a junior partner at McKinsey & Company). In addition to two engineering degrees, he holds an MBA from Columbia University in New York.




Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Venture Design, Venture Building, Start Up, and Scale Up

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