With document automation, real-time video analytics (computer vision) and data predictions solutions, Supplai helps companies use tangible AI and help them as a long term partner in their digitization journey.

Company Niche: Analytics,Automation,

Company Type: Consultants & Implementation,

Location: Ridderkerk, Netherlands

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We’re supplai, the link between your business and Artificial Intelligence solutions. We develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflow and business processes.

We focus on:
Document automation
Real-time video analytics (computer vision)
Data predictions

Due to the wider focus, we are your long-term partner in using AI! Our high-end, state-of-the-art solutions enable us to relieve employees of repetitive activities. This improves work performance and frees up time for more strategic and demanding tasks, thus helping employees thrive in what they do, all for the sake of the business.

About founder Koen de Jong
13 years of experience, also partly as entrepreneur in the chemical and logistic trading business helps Koen from own experience to understand the challenges customers face. From the problem statement to scaling a solution within the company it's more then just an AI solution. Thinking along with various people in the organization and creating real value is what truly opens up the value of AI.

Year founded

Document automation
Real-time video analytics (computer vision)
Data predictions – Connect & Inspire wants to connect forward thinking leaders and inspire companies to adopt exciting technologies such as AI to build future proof organizations.

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Join us on our mission to accelerate the adoption of technology such as data science, automation and AI. Become a partner of and share your knowledge and insights.

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