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Tech Rise People

Tech Rise People

Tech Rise People is helping companies access the best tech talent and supporting fast growing companies in their funding needs.

Company Niche: HR & Recruitment,

Company Type: Recruitment,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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We are a fun-loving team with an agile mindset. Our work is guided by the core belief that the best results are gained through mutual respect and honesty, which has allowed us to provide excellent results for our clients (tech companies). We assist them in getting acces to the best tech talent on the market.

Tech Rise People matches tech experts with the most exciting opportunities in attractive companies. We do that by listening to our stakeholders needs and interests. After understanding your needs, we’ll present you with an array of solutions/opportunities that could be of interest to you.

As the tech industry evolves and recruitment becomes more automated, we believe it is essential to remember that the underlining element is human. Tech Rise’s vision, to redefine the world of recruitment, means that we take an active role in creating diverse and inclusive environments – both for our clients and ourselves. We believe diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences makes for stronger, more innovative teams. It’s that simple.

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Tech Recruitment, Digital Recruitment, Capital Advisory

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