Textmetrics enables organisations to create target group-specific and company-wide consistent content.

Company Niche: Marketing & Sales,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Arnhem, Netherlands

Textmetrics solutions enable organisations to create target group-specific and corporate-wide consistent content by using augmented assisted writing based on proven algorithms. The company's text technology platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help improve communication. Textmetrics contains a vast set of algorithms that are able to interpret wording and suggest changes while writing copy. It does that through its AI-based algorithms that are able to recognise aspects such as how formal/informal is the text, how sophisticated/easy to read, how friendly, amicable, neutral, feminine, masculine, and so on and so forth. Users can also select their preferences and, automatically, any person writing copy will be supported to apply the selected settings.

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