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Vesper builds a commodity intelligence platform to grow businesses.

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Vesper is the fastest growing independent commodity intelligence platform in the market. Trusted and loved by some of the world’s largest companies (Nestlé, Cargill, Danone), we combine the latest in data science and artificial intelligence with deep domain expertise, as we set out to transform this enormous and traditional industry with cutting-edge tech. Vesper provides the eyes, ears, and number-crunching advantage to buyers, sellers, and commodity professionals - offering a real-time, personalized and user-friendly view of the global commodity marketplace.

Our user-friendly platform includes real-time data ranging from pricing and production to import/export, supply/demand, and stock levels. Vesper is best known for its proprietary Vesper Price Index, a proprietary price benchmarking solution, and its highly accurate forecasts powered by AI.


We connect commodity players with 
independent intelligence to make smarter decisions.

About the founder Alexander Sterk

After receiving his Economics degree from EADA Business School Barcelona, Alexander Sterk kicked off his professional career by becoming a consultant at YER. After half a year, a friend of his introduced him to Interfood, a trading house that buys and sells dairy products such as butter and milk powder, where he became a commodity trader. Sterk quickly fell in love with the industry as he, compared to his time as a consultant, could make an immediate impact. After years of working there, he realizes that it became difficult for him to keep up with the latest developments that can influence prices, such as the weather and energy prices. The legacy systems—decentralized information, little innovation, and a lack of real-time actionable insights in the commodity trading industry, hindered his ability to do his job. It was clear to him the commodity intelligence market was ripe for disruption. Alexander quit his job as a commodity trader and founded Vesper: an independent commodity intelligence platform with advanced predictive insights, powered by AI - all gathered under the same platform.




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