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VisionAI aims to take businesses to the next level through more efficient use of data.

Company Niche: Customer Service,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Limburg, Netherlands

Vision's mission is to enable companies to use artificial intelligence in their operations. Often companies have built up a large amount of data over the years. This often contains hidden patterns that can contain a lot of useful information for your company. Artificial intelligence can use this information to improve processes within a client's organisation in the form of assisting or automating.

​It is not Vision's intention to completely replace people. The use of artificial intelligence can better be seen as a tool through which people no longer have to perform boring and repetitive work themselves. This leaves more time available to work on other activities. As a result, more work is done in the end.

My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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