Watermelon, the platform for creating smart chatbots for customer service, marketing and sales without having to code.

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Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

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Build a chatbot without programming

With Watermelon's powerful chatbot builder, you can build an AI chatbot without the need to code. With our easy drag 'n drop platform, you can create conversations and test them in real-time. Additionally, Watermelon allows you to integrate your customers' favourite channels with one click of a button, making you available for your customers anytime, anywhere.

Besides answering all kinds of questions within seconds, it is also possible to use the chatbot for powerful marketing & lead generation. Even if products on your website are not available, the chatbot can make suggestions for similar products or offer to send an e-mail when the product is available again. A smart chatbot doesn't only use its intelligence for customers, but also for employees or future employees. A chatbot can give employees, just like customers, answers to frequently asked questions within seconds.

And if the chatbot can't figure it out? Let the chatbot automatically forward the conversation to the right team or employee. Watch your chatbot in real-time and take over the conversation when necessary.

To make sure that our customers can benefit from their chatbot in the shortest possible time, we've put together an onboarding trajectory. This way, you can ensure that your chatbot will achieve its goals and that everyone can efficiently work with our platform.

This is what customers say about Watermelon
We're proud to have provided a home for more than 2.500 chatbots. Interested in what our customers have to say about Watermelon? Read the customer's stories about their challenges and solutions.

About founder Alexander Wijninga
Alexander is the CEO & Founder of Watermelon, the platform for creating smart chatbots for customer service, marketing and sales without having to code.

Year Founded

Watermelon is a specialist in the building and management of chatbots. Alternatives are more general tools that typically allow you to automate only a fraction of your customer service messages. When a chatbot is too generic, it often has a negative impact on the customer experience. With Watermelon, we guarantee your chatbot does exactly what your customers need it to do.

My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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