WSK Medical

WSK Medical

WSK Medical develops AI-supported clinical systems to assist in the early detection of cancerous tumours.

Company Niche: eHealth,

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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WSK Medical is an innovative Artificial Intelligence software company focused exclusively on developing leading edge solutions for early cancer detection. Our aim is to develop the most advanced AI-technologies to assist clinicians and doctors in their decision-making/diagnostic process. We strongly believe it is time for AI to move out of research and into the clinical setting to make a big and lasting impact on both doctors/clinicians and patients.


WSK Medical bridges the gap between the medical field and AI by developing easy-to-use, workflow integrated, clinically valuable AI systems for early cancer detection. We do this by translating complex, medical problems into solutions that assist doctors and clinicians in their daily work.


To provide doctors and clinicians the most advanced technologies to aid cancer treatment and care.


WSK Medical develops practical, clinically valuable AI solutions for (early) cancer detection that can be integrated in the existing clinical workflow. We do this by translating complex medical problems into easy-to-use AI solutions that meet what is actually required by doctors and clinicians. We strongly believe in the power of co-development with our end-users.




Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Deployment, Digital Pathology, ENT, Video Analysis, and Healthcare Innovation

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