Pieter Boon from Cape AI

In Memoriam: AI-entrepreneur Pieter Boon from Cape AI

We are deeply saddened to report the sudden passing of AI-entrepreneur Pieter Boon in his home of Cape Town, South Africa on Monday, April 25th. Pieter touched the lives of many with his limitless energy and thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

Update May 9th: The family of Pieter Boon is organizing a crowdfunding campaign for his wife and two daughters (two and six weeks). Please consider making a donation.

Pieter was the driving force behind Cape AI – the company he founded in 2019 – and a respected partner within the ai.nl-community. He wanted to leverage the power of data science and machine learning, not just for business purposes, but also for the greater good. In collaboration with Fruitpunch AI he wanted to tackle the problem op wildlife poachers using image recognition.

It is a known fact that Pieter was a people person who was so proud of his many talented colleagues at Cape AI and the recently opened offices in the harbour of Cape Town. Next to the consulting and implementation business of Cape AI – Pieter was involved with various other ventures such as Enlabeler, Knowledgemarker and Autoscriber. His latest project Moon Shop wants to automate the shopping experience.

His big heart and drive for innovation is etched in our community. He will be deeply missed.

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Remy Gieling

Remy Gieling is the founder of ai.nl. As a business journalist his expertise is on the crossroads of business, technology and innovation. He is a well known moderator, presenter and interviewer for business events, seminars and podcasts as well as a public speaker on the topics of leadership and AI.

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