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Our new mission: helping organizations to embrace the power of data and AI

As we all know by now: data and AI are here to stay. But where do you start as an organization? And how to get optimal value out of data and AI? With the relaunch of, technology and AI experts Remy Gieling and Job van den Berg are helping companies embrace the possibilities in an inspiring, practical and result-oriented way. 

Since ChatGPT took the world by storm, there has been unprecedented interest in the possibilities of artificial intelligence. No wonder, because companies and professionals who embrace this groundbreaking technology can cut costs, increase revenue and can make better decisions.

Yet organizations are missing two critical factors for success: knowledge and guidance. That is why Remy Gieling and Job van den Berg will bridge the gap between ambition and practice. Through inspiring workshops, practical training courses and hands-on advice, they make sure you get tangible results and return on investment.

Remy Gieling, renowned technology expert and speaker, has years of experience inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals about the possibilities of AI. Job van den Berg, data and technology expert, is known for his in-depth knowledge of data and machine learning strategies. Through his years of experience as a chief data at various multinationals, he identifies opportunities and translates them into practical solutions. 

Head of Partnerships, Patrick Bröcker, will continue the original mission of and help AI companies in supporting their commercial goals. His expertise and experience in media and marketing has already helped countless organizations achieve their goals and has proven to be an indispensable link in the AI ecosystem. 

“With the relaunch of, we are turning to a new chapter. AI is here to stay and it is crucial for our economy that companies start embracing the possibilities today,” says Remy Gieling. “With the addition of Job van den Berg as a partner, we can really help companies to make this transition. Our approach is pragmatic and strongly results-oriented and our focus is on getting all employees excited so that everyone starts to see the opportunities of data and AI.”

Job van den Berg adds: “We share our passion and enthusiasm for data and AI and complement each other perfectly. I am enormously looking forward to working with Remy to take to the next phase and to support companies in exploiting the enormous opportunities offered by data and AI.” 

“We will also collaborate with leading data and AI specialists and industry leaders in the Netherlands to bring projects from concept to realization. We believe our combination of experience, expertise and passion will have a positive impact on the Dutch AI and data community.”

In addition to workshops, trainings and advisory team,, together with Endeit Capital and Shift Happens, is organizing inspiration trips to innovation hubs for entrepreneurs and investors to experience developments around AI first-hand. On Sept. 24, the next edition will take place in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. 

To help professionals get started in the world of data and AI, the book ‘AI in 60 minutes’, published by Haystack Publishers, will be released on June 1 from The foreword of this to-be-published book was written by none other than investor and Quote columnist Eva de Mol. As she emphasizes the urgency for companies to embrace the opportunities of data and AI today.

To learn more about the mission, vision and ambition, please make sure to reach out or subscribe to our newsletter. 

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