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After a year of hard work in stealth mode, you are here to witness the very first steps of the brand new – a community for leaders and professionals who want to reinvent their businesses and organizations with technologies like AI. We believe it is crucial to accelerate the Dutch and European digital revolution if we want to stay relevant in the economy of tomorrow. aims to connect innovators and inspire others with news, insights and deep dives into the power of disruptive technologies. Through articles, podcasts, videos, events and more you will be kept up to speed about the people and companies who harness the power of AI. You will learn about their applications and pitfalls along the way.

For the community members offers a platform to share knowledge and expertise, as well as events, webinars and job openings for tech talent interested in data science and machine learning. We hope many companies will join our cause and help to grow the platform. Please reach out if you do.

The start of was made possible with the help from Endeit Capital and MT/Sprout. Hubert Deitmers, founder of Endeit Capital, says: “We believe that AI in combination with machine learning, deep learning and quantum computing will lead to an unprecedented perfect storm in the next 5 to 10 years. Supporting this great initiative was a no-brainer for us.”

Last of all we are working on a seed fund called AI Ventures for highly promising early stage machine learning and deep learning startups. More on that later.

I am very excited to go on this AI journey together. The best is yet to come!

Remy Gieling, founder

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Remy Gieling

Remy Gieling is the founder of As a business journalist his expertise is on the crossroads of business, technology and innovation. He is a well known moderator, presenter and interviewer for business events, seminars and podcasts as well as a public speaker on the topics of leadership and AI.

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