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AI Talkshow OnAir

AI Talkshow OnAir: ASML, TNO and Loop Robots on societal impact and real world AI implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are playing key roles in the evolution of the manufacturing industry. They are bringing advancement in manufacturing by minimising human workforce, improving efficiency, and even…

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AI in HR

AI in HR: Six examples of how AI is helping HR with recruiting, skill and career development

Artificial Intelligence's direct disruption can be felt in two industries that start with the alphabet H. Healthcare and HR are the two industries where AI has shown significant impact with…

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Startup Worksuite rebrands as InQuommon

Dutch startup Worksuite rebrands to InQommon; it’s matchmaking algorithm takes lessons from Amazon and Tinder

Worksuite, the Dutch startup known for connecting IT professionals, has rebranded itself to InQommon. The new name is a clever representation of the startup's mission to connect professionals in the…

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Top AI stocks to watch in December 2021

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most disruptive technology of this century. The use of AI and its offshoots such as deep learning and machine learning have allowed computers to do…

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