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LUMO Labs invests in to reduce the impact of postsurgery infections

LUMO Labs is making a substantial investment in’s innovative AI-driven health-tech proposition to reduce the impact of post-operative infections for millions of people across the globe. Amsterdam-based currently…

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TU Delft

TU Delft has launched the Digital Ethics Center for fair and safe AI

Our society is digitizing more and more. This creates opportunities to work more efficiently, for example, but also raises many ethical questions. For this purpose, TU Delft has opened the…

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: what is it and the role of AI in digital transformation

Digital transformation was essentially a trend but the pandemic turned it into a necessity for companies regardless of their size. Every company on the planet not only realised the need…

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How Buster Franken educates AI-engineers to solve humanity’s biggest challenges

Founder of FruitPunch AI, Buster Franken, educates people with no experience in artificial intelligence to take on humanity’s biggest challenges and solves these with AI. These so called ‘AI for…

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European AI investor Endeit Capital closes latest fund at 303 million euro’s

Endeit Capital, a leading Dutch-German growth capital firm, today announced the Final Closing of its third fund, Endeit Fund III, at an aggregated capital commitment of EUR 303m to support…

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AI in finance: personalised banking, cybersecurity, risk assessment, and other applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has truly revolutionised the finance industry and it is one of the industries likely to adopt new forms of AI technology faster than others. Today, AI encompasses…

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Dutch Summer of AI

Students: apply now to join the Dutch Summer of AI (last call)

Dutch Summer of AI, an annual programme focussed on driving artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the Netherlands, is back for its 2022 edition. The Dutch Summer of AI offers an…

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AI Newsletters

Artificial Intelligence: 10 newsletters that every AI enthusiast must subscribe to stay on top of news and technological developments

Artificial Intelligence is an ever evolving, fast changing technology with a scope so broad that keeping track of every development is rather difficult. Some of the milestones created in AI…

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk on self-driving cars, Optimus robot, AI safety and Neuralink: interview highlights

Elon Musk, the eccentric chief of Tesla and the world's richest man, never shies away from being in the news. In the past decade or two, he has been one…

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