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Looking for a keynote about AI & tech for your event or in-company session? Our experienced speakers will share the latest trends and mind-blowing developments.

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Our trainers will work together with you on a workshop to get colleagues or clients into action by learning tools like ChatGPT or by building a machine learning model.

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Our AI experts help you to leverage the possibilities of AI. By selecting the right tools and crafting an automation mindset we help you operate at light speed.

Join the AI Experience

Learn first-hand about AI disruption at the headquarters of technology giants. Join us on the AI Experience to innovation hubs like London and Silicon Valley.

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Data & AI Experts Job van den Berg & Remy Gieling are passionate about the opportunities of this disruptive technology. Reach out to learn more!

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Want to learn about innovating AI startups in the Dutch ecosystem? Or do you want to learn more about useful AI tools? Our database helps you get up to speed. Can’t find the one you are looking for? Send us a message!

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Sundar Pichai, Google

The impact of AI will be more profound than the invention of fire or electricity.

My name is HAL 9000, how can I assist you?
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